The Intentional Encourager Podcast

Episode 190 with People Development Strategist Elena Pastore

January 12, 2022

People Development Strategist Elena Pastore joins this episode and talks about: 

  • The Common Denominator around skill recognition. 
  • What we truly realize when looking at our strengths. 
  • Taking other people out of the equation.
  • Struggling with external validation.
  • Mistaking validation for feedback. 
  • To every business problem, there is a personal problem. 
  • What prompts people seeing solutions. 
  • Her father passing away when she was 8 and growing up a lot through that process.
  • What she learns each year about her father and the one question she'd ask him now if she could. 
  • Knowing the right words to say. 
  • Not getting in your own way. 

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