The Intentional Encourager Podcast

Episode 146 with Marketing Strategist Islin Munisteri

June 29, 2021

Marketing Strategist Islin Munisteri joins this episode to talk about: 

  • Going to school with her son and having the time to help her kids.
  • The power of getting a nap.
  • The difference of ages and stages.
  • Working from home before most worked from home.
  • Scheduling time to be interactive with people. 
  • The definition of Cutting-Edge Growth marketing.
  • Getting to the root of the Customer problem and onboarding a customer correctly.
  • Being successful in school during her adolescent years and missing things she needed emotionally.
  • Having a massive breakdown at 28 while living in Alaska.
  • Being close to her Dad but having no relationship with her Mom.
  • After finishing a report, being anxious and suicidal and checking in to a Psychiatric hospital.
  • Continuing to work on her anxiety triggers.
  • Taking care of things inside you and getting help if you need help.

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