The Intentional Encourager Podcast

Episode 142 with Sales Leader and Coach Larry Long Jr.

June 15, 2021

Sales Leader and Coach Larry Long Jr. joins this episode to talk about: 

  • Looking for the good, great and wonderful. 
  • The value of prioritization.
  • The degree of separation between players in College baseball and Professional baseball. 
  • His toughest conversation with his father.
  • The combination of relationships and experiences. 
  • Thinking he would play Professional baseball. 
  • Being involved at the University of Maryland in more than just sports.
  • Sales is not a Four-letter word. 
  • Being flexible, creative and grounded in your why.
  • Moving around a lot as a kid before settling in Maryland.
  • His Mom's theme sung to him.
  • His Dad being the only one in his family to graduate High school and college.
  • His Dad's advice to him.
  • Being with eight different companies in 10 different positions.
  • Preparing for the moment to help people.
  • Losing the inner greatness within us.
  • Faking the funk.
  • Losing his Dad in 2015 and carrying the baton left to him.
  • Living life with intention.

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