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Episode 194 with the Authors of ”Journey Well: You Are More Than Enough” Byron and Mariah Edgington

January 26, 2022

The Authors of "Journey Well: You Are More Than Enough" Byron and Mariah Edgington join this episode and talk about:

  • Living in South American and moving back to Iowa to care for Mariah's mother. 
  • Being "We" instead of "Me."
  • "No Mas Nieve" and the deep meaning behind it.
  • Awareness being a critical advantage. 
  • Having a choice and the opportunity of the choice. 
  • Being in tune with your own belief system. 
  • The underlying thought Byron had during his career. 
  • Never knowing the people they would help after the intersection of the moment of time. 
  • Finding lessons from negative moments in life. 
  • The value of preparation, not being able to eliminate risk and the elusiveness of perfection.
  • Learning to live with negative outcomes. 
  • The reason their book needed to be published now. 
  • Ignoring the Inner Critic. 
  • Gaining and harvesting the gems from past experiences. 
  • Allowing ourselves the grace to remember that we are all human.

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