The Intentional Encourager Podcast

Episode 193 with Coach, Trainer and TEDX Speaker Steven English

January 21, 2022

Coach, Trainer and TEDX Speaker Steven English joins this episode and talks about:

  • The power of 168 hours. 
  • Having a Proof of Concept for himself. 
  • Following his feelings and really understanding his skills. 
  • The day with his uncle that changed his thinking. 
  • Honoring the Zone of Genius. 
  • Finding the thing that lights you up. 
  • The analogy of vacuuming the carpet. 
  • What he's discovered about introverts.
  • Drinking every day and the routine of it. 
  • Living at the bar and getting multiple DUI's. 
  • June 2014 and the moment that changed his life for good 2 years later. 
  • His palate changing against alcohol and the lesson he learned from it. 
  • The area of pain under the surface. 
  • Don't worry about the low. 

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