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Episode 186 with the Host of the Building Wins Podcast Randy Chaffee

December 23, 2021

Host of the Building Wins Podcast Randy Chaffee joins this episode and talks about:

  • The day the world changed for him.
  • Making notes of how he’d move forward.
  • Ramping up his Virtual presence.
  • Doing what no one else was doing.
  • What he learned about engagement.
  • The call from a customer that’s most memorable to him.
  • The correlation of Sports and Sales.
  • The power of the right plan.
  • Being adopted at 3 days old.
  • The lesson he learned at age 9.
  • The attention to detail his Dad taught him and the Sales lesson he learned from his Dad.
  • Looking for the next step in his life.
  • Figuring out how to answer “The Call of the Road.”
  • Winning everyday and the question you ask each morning.

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