The Intentional Encourager Podcast

Episode 151 with Pastor Pascal Crites

August 6, 2021

A walking miracle, Pastor Pascal Crites, pastor of Calvary Tabernacle in Accident, MD, joins this episode and talks about:

  • The challenge of pastoring in the midst of COVID and the moving parts of keeping a church going. 
  • The purpose of preparation and what he learned about it. 
  • The audience of one. 
  • The power of connection and the lesson he learned around it. 
  • The encouragement of his community.
  • Evangelizing versus Pastoring and not making Pastoring a career. 
  • Protecting your family as a Pastor and the people a Pastor cannot afford to lose.
  • Investing in hungry people. 
  • His grandmother's conversion and its impact on him and his cousin.
  • Being awestruck by preaching.
  • The transition he made to Sales, breaking numerous Sales records and ultimately, walking away from it. 
  • The hardest conversation he had with God.
  • The life-changing events of late 2016-2017.
  • A 1% chance of survival and the conversation between his wife and his neurologist.
  • Walking out of the hospital 2 1/2 days after a visit from two men of God.
  • The Lord truly cares. 

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